How to Use Instagram to Showcase Your Work

Use the power of story to create bite-sized case studies

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MMore and more designers are turning to Instagram to display their work and find clients. It makes sense — Instagram is a visual platform and a great place to show off design work.

Ji Lee is a communication designer at Facebook and a former designer and creative director at the Google Creative Lab. Last year he set out to “hack” Instagram to turn it into a design portfolio:

Many creatives use Instagram to share their work so their Instagram ends up becoming their main creative channel and site so to speak. With this in mind, I wanted to create a proper portfolio site by hacking the Instagram grid where I can feature all my past work.

He uses multiple accounts and special hashtags to craft a multifaceted portfolio (you can find a tutorial here). In this article, I’m going to show you how to enhance your posts and leverage the power of story to attract future clients through the captions you write.

Writing a case study in 2,000 words or less

A case study is the story of your project told in a way that showcases how you helped a past client achieve success. That success story is what makes a prospective client want to hire you instead of someone else.

This is not the story of your creative process; it is the story of your professional process.

When you share what you did and how you did it, you attract other creatives. Share why you made each decision, and potential clients will begin to take note.

Great clients don’t care about what colors you use, unless those colors will help them make more money. So when you’re writing a case study, mention only those design decisions that contributed to your client’s success. If you chose yellow and red for the restaurant’s branding because those colors have been shown to increase appetite, then tell us all about it, but if you decided on that particular shade of green simply because you liked it, leave that detail out.

Writing a story is simple:

  1. Begin with the problem.
  2. Show the process of overcoming…



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