How Marketers Harness the Power of Data Visualization

Data viz helps marketers promote their brand and spot trends in how their content is performing

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Marketers rely on data visualization to help them discover trends and patterns and learn what visual content is performing best. Source: Killer Visual Strategies

ItIt seems like just about everyone, from freelance designers to influencers and everyone in between, needs to know at least a little about digital marketing these days. With so many people trying to promote a personal brand, kick off a startup, or work as an independent contractor, it’s important to measure how your marketing efforts are panning out. That means there’s a lot we all can learn from marketers who measure and analyze campaign success for a living.

And there’s one essential tool that the average marketer probably can’t live without: Google Analytics. It helps you crunch huge amounts of data in a way that makes it meaningful — and that helps you analyze your marketing strategy and make improvements where necessary. How does it achieve such a feat? The answer is data visualization.

So how are marketers using data visualization to both analyze their efforts and reach their audiences? And what can you learn from them to produce more effective visual content? Here are just a few ways.

Measuring marketing success

Without charts, tables, and graphs, it would be pretty difficult for the average marketer to identify the most important trends affecting their success rates — particularly those trends that are unexpected. Data visualization can surprise you. It can make you realize that what you thought wasn’t so important — say, one small asset in a large visual marketing campaign — is actually really important, and vice versa.

When you have a data visualization that proves your brand or company has made a positive impact, that data is powerful enough to speak for itself.

Here are just a few types of information you can glean from great data visualizations:

  • What pages on your website are converting most
  • How your web traffic varies by time of day and day of the week
  • What social channels are driving the most traffic



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