Buttsss: A Case Study

The process behind this comprehensive collection of versatile, fully responsive butt animations

Pablo Stanley
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7 min readJul 29, 2019


I’m excited to share with you the design process behind Buttsss, the most daring collection of round and beautiful butt illustrations in the universe. You can use these graphics in your pitch deck, product screens, marketing campaigns, business presentations, and motivational speeches.



Business Butt shows you how serious this project is.

The team approached this project with a deep understanding of the art and science of human anatomy. We gained insights by working closely with the world’s best butt connoisseurs and finding inspiration in how they create a world full of perfect bottoms.


Buttsss aims to bring a comprehensive collection of innovative glutes that enable creativity and collaboration across every dimension of a project.

The objective is to create a responsive butt system that allows rapid butt prototyping and wireframing. These graphics are so approachable that anyone in the organization can apply them; from designers in search of inspiration to CEOs looking to raise millions in venture capital. With advanced butt animation, mighty derriere design languages, and seamless buttocks collaboration, the user finds everything they need in one place.

It’s the Holy Grail of Butts.


In the beginning, butts can seem uncomplicated and straightforward — some might even say dull and unpleasant. But, simplicity is the essence of pure elegance.

Restrictions boost creativity and are essential to achieving innovation. So, we used the apparent constraints of bottoms, with their…



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