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A former Medium publication about UX/UI design. Currently inactive and not taking submissions.
Note from the editor

Modus is a place designers can rely on to level up their skills and knowledge, stay current on the state of the design and tech fields, and dig deeper into the areas that interest them.

Go to the profile of Chris Kiess
Chris Kiess
Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area
Go to the profile of Dave Feldman
Dave Feldman
Multidisciplinary product leader in San Francisco. Former founder & CEO, Miter. Alum of Heap, Google, Facebook, Yahoo. Harvard. I make great products happen.
Go to the profile of Barbara Tversky
Barbara Tversky
Cognitive scientist and author of Mind in Motion: How Action Shapes Thought.
Go to the profile of Dan Brown
Dan Brown
Designer • Co-founder of @eightshapes • Author of 3 books on UX • http://bit.ly/danbooks • Board gamer • Family cook
Go to the profile of Peter Urfer
Peter Urfer
Experienced UX/UI Designer • Thinker • Scaler of complex issues • Advocate of systems • Patron of details • Hobbyists writer • Dad
Go to the profile of Karen McClellan
Karen McClellan
Product Designer, Reader, Writer
Go to the profile of Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest
Dataviz Designer at McKinsey, Editor-in-chief at Nightingale, Electronic Musician. Contact & more: jasonforrestftw.com
Go to the profile of Anoosha Baxi
Anoosha Baxi
UX Designer with an ice cream infatuation — anooshabaxi.com
Go to the profile of Mitch Goldman
Mitch Goldman
Go to the profile of Greg Gunn
Greg Gunn
Creative Director that draws a lot. Get weekly email stories from me — https://www.ggunn.com/newsletter
Go to the profile of Jo Layne Skillman
Jo Layne Skillman
Creative & brand director. Piemaker, occasional speaker, restorer of found objects. joskillman.com
Go to the profile of Angela Colter
Angela Colter
Executive Director at 18F
Go to the profile of Jamal Nichols
Jamal Nichols
German-American design expert. Founder of www.truthaboutdesign.com
Go to the profile of Boris Müller
Boris Müller
Professor for Interaction Design at FH Potsdam, co-director of Urban Complexity Lab | http://uclab.fh-potsdam.de | http://esono.com | https://vis.social/@boris
Go to the profile of Dan Saffer
Dan Saffer
Designer. Product Leader. Author. Professor.
Go to the profile of Lance Ng
Lance Ng
Venture Capital | Startups | Founders. My newsletter at www.3linepitch.com
Go to the profile of Ben Hersh
Ben Hersh
I make tools for everyday life. Currently at Google. Previously at Dropbox, Medium.
Go to the profile of Neel Dozome
Neel Dozome
Notes of a cartoonist and zine maker.
Go to the profile of Cristina Hartmann
Cristina Hartmann
Stringing words together and hoping for the best. Find me at http://cristinahartmann.com
Go to the profile of Sarah Hyndman
Sarah Hyndman
Keynote speaker | Author | Creating a buzz with interactive talks packed with science, activities & sense-hacking | Persuasive typography | www.typetasting.com
Go to the profile of Una Kravets
Una Kravets
http://una.im :) front-end developer & brunch enthusiast
Go to the profile of Sue Walsh
Sue Walsh
Creative Director at SYPartners, Faculty at School of Visual Arts. Formerly Senior Art Director at Milton Glaser Incorporated.
Go to the profile of Anton Sten
Anton Sten
Let’s keep this simple: I make digital products work, by ensuring the people who have to use them know how to and enjoy doing so. https://www.antonsten.com
Go to the profile of Divyansha Sehgal
Divyansha Sehgal
Writing about technology, ethics, policy and society
Go to the profile of Taylor Cone
Taylor Cone
A curious character committed to creative collaboration. Co-founder & Head of Experience @ Compa.
Go to the profile of Christian Beck
Christian Beck
By day, executive designer at Innovatemap where I help tech companies design marketable products. By night, co-founder of UX Power Tools.
Go to the profile of Marc Hemeon
Marc Hemeon
Artist. Father. Find me @hemeon
Go to the profile of Jared M. Spool
Jared M. Spool
Maker of Awesomeness at Center Centre - UIE. Helping designers everywhere help their organizations deliver well-designed products and services.
Go to the profile of Jeffrey Veen
Jeffrey Veen
Design Partner at True Ventures. Advisor to about.me, Medium, WordPress. Formerly, CEO of Typekit, founder of Adaptive Path.
Go to the profile of Danny Trinh
Danny Trinh
Indomitable positivity.
Go to the profile of Naz Hamid
Naz Hamid
Independent design director. I help early stage founders realize their dreams.
Go to the profile of Tim Van Damme
Tim Van Damme
Principal designer at @goabstract.
Go to the profile of L. Jeffrey Zeldman
L. Jeffrey Zeldman
A List Apart, A Book Apart, An Event Apart. Designing With Web Standards. Happy Cog. The Big Web Show. Jeffrey Zeldman Presents the Daily Report. Ava’s Dad.
Go to the profile of Julie Zhuo
Julie Zhuo
Building Sundial (sundial.so). Former Product Design VP @ FB. Author of The Making of a Manager. Find me @joulee. I love people, nuance, and systems.
Go to the profile of Jessica Hische
Jessica Hische
New York Times Best-selling Author, Lettering Artist, and Parent to Three Small Children
Go to the profile of Tobias van Schneider
Tobias van Schneider
Self-taught Designer & Maker. Founder Semplice.com + mymind.com + Carbonmade.com + vanschneider.com
Go to the profile of Ryan Sims
Ryan Sims
Midwest Coast. Head of Design at @Rdio.
Go to the profile of Adam Polselli
Adam Polselli
Director of Design at Dropbox
Go to the profile of Craig Mod
Craig Mod
Probably walking on a mountain … http://craigmod.com
Go to the profile of Jon Lax
Jon Lax
It's a daily operation
Go to the profile of Geoff Teehan
Geoff Teehan
Product Design Director, Facebook. Co-founded Teehan+Lax in 2002.
Go to the profile of John Voss
John Voss
Designer with a heart of gold and mouth like a sailor. Cares about how the work we do impacts others. Also talks fitness and feelings. www.jovo.design
Go to the profile of Paul van Oijen
Paul van Oijen
Studio Director @ https://incomparable.design || Writes on user experience, product design, and the theory of design.
Go to the profile of Adam Fard
Adam Fard
Founder of adamfard.com — Mentoring Founders and Product Teams to Improve their Products Experience
Go to the profile of Cassie McDaniel
Cassie McDaniel
Words, design, community. Leading w/ kindness. Product Design Director @ Lattice. Prev. Webfflow, Glitch, Mozilla, Adobe, Jane & Jury. cassiemcdaniel.com
Go to the profile of Goodmaker Team
Goodmaker Team
We help people have better meetings and conversations. www.Goodmaker.co.
Go to the profile of Christie Tang
Christie Tang
Product Designer at Meta. Jury at Awwwards. eSports enthusiast. Bonafide nerd. Ketogenic foodie. Sarcastic and crass INTJ. Design casually explained.
Go to the profile of Stephanie Evergreen
Stephanie Evergreen
author and speaker on data visualization @evergreendata
Go to the profile of Svilen
Design at DesignSecrets.xyz | Speculate at DisruptionTheory.com
Go to the profile of Doctor as Designer
Doctor as Designer
Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, Physician, Designer, ACMIO, #EHR, #learninghealthsystems, #design, #makehealth http://www.doctorasdesigner.com/
Go to the profile of Jennifer Aldrich
Jennifer Aldrich
Freelance UX Writer and Content Strategist at Creative Flame LLC: http://www.LinkedIn/in/jenniferaldrich1 (© 2014–2023 Jennifer Aldrich)
Go to the profile of Richard Holman
Richard Holman
Writer, speaker, creativity coach. Author of ‘Creative Demons & how to Slay Them’.
Go to the profile of Teo Yu Siang (he/him)
Teo Yu Siang (he/him)
Sr product designer based in Singapore. I like to write. www.teoyusiang.com
Go to the profile of Pablo Stanley
Pablo Stanley
CEO and cofounder at Blush, bringing illustrations for everyone. https://blush.design/
Go to the profile of Alex Jones
Alex Jones
I lead multi-disciplinary, globally distributed teams that craft remarkable products for millions of people. I start fires (the good kind).
Go to the profile of Eva PenzeyMoog
Eva PenzeyMoog
Tech | Design | Code | Feminism | Minimalism
Go to the profile of Nikki Anderson
Nikki Anderson
Founder @ User Research Academy — I help user researchers grow their careers and companies scale user research
Go to the profile of Jay Vidyarthi
Jay Vidyarthi
“Good” design as in useful, enjoyable, and ethical. Mindfulness as a tool to reclaim freedom of choice. — Stay in touch at www.attentionactivist.com
Go to the profile of Benek Lisefski
Benek Lisefski
I’m a UX/UI designer from Auckland, New Zealand. Writing about freelancing & business for indie designers & creatives at https://solowork.co
Go to the profile of Brian McKenna
Brian McKenna
Designer. Customer Experience Director. Been at this for 15 years. Live in Pittsburgh, but will always be a Chicago guy. Go Cubs! On twitter: @bkenna1
Go to the profile of Shaun Archer
Shaun Archer
Design Researcher. Current New Yorker. Mammal.
Go to the profile of Cody Robertson
Cody Robertson
Cody Robertson is the Creative Director for Polyient Labs, where he oversees the creative direction and brand strategy for Polyient and its portfolio clients.
Go to the profile of Arpy Dragffy
Arpy Dragffy
Customer Experience & Service Design | Head of Strategy of http://PH1.ca
Go to the profile of Jason Marder
Jason Marder
Design @ Stripe. Previously redesigned Gusto. Life enthusiast. Lover of all things delicious. www.jasonmarder.com
Go to the profile of AIGA Eye on Design
AIGA Eye on Design
The best new work by the world's most exciting designers - and the issues they care about, from @AIGAdesign's Eye on Design.
Go to the profile of Tyler Yearling Hively
Tyler Yearling Hively
Copywriter. Strategist. Wordmonger. Ideahaver. https://www.tylerhively.com/
Go to the profile of Frances To
Frances To
Independent UX & UI Designer
Go to the profile of Vinny
Love ⚽️ ⛳️ 🚲 🎸 Design Manager at Zendesk. (Norn) Irish.
Go to the profile of Jordan Aspen
Jordan Aspen
Wife💑Mama👧👦👶Entrepreneur✍️Let other people sell for you: http://civanpro.com/
Go to the profile of Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson
Head of Design and Research at Pager. Author of You Are Not an Artist: A Candid Guide to the Business of Being a Designer.
Go to the profile of Tabitha Whiting
Tabitha Whiting
Exploring the good and the bad of climate change communication and sustainability marketing 🌱
Go to the profile of Lucy King
Lucy King
Mind. Spirt. Creativity. Ideas to change your life (^_^♪) https://luciko.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp
Writer, designer, person. Author of SPRINT and MAKE TIME. Co-founder of character.vc. More at jakeknapp.com.
Go to the profile of Molly Norris Walker
Molly Norris Walker
Product Designer & Growth Leader. I come in peace and I mean business. Author of Design-Driven Growth.
Go to the profile of Eran Dror
Eran Dror
Founder at Remake Labs — https://www.remakelabs.com Host at Remake: A Podcast About Design, Systems, and Society - https://www.remakepod.org
Go to the profile of Kyle Inabinette
Kyle Inabinette
I’m Kyle Inabinette, the founder of OA Designs, a branding agency that creates responsive and unique graphics for our clients. I write about all kinds of stuff.
Go to the profile of Joshua Lavra
Joshua Lavra
focused on human ways to support the health and happiness of young queer people @Hopelab. formerly @IDEO @EY_Doberman @AirLiquideGroup
Go to the profile of Christa Menegas
Christa Menegas
Author and creator of primal-pleasures.com — all-natural ways to use instincts, inklings, and our animal nature to hit refresh.
Go to the profile of Drory Ben-Menachem
Drory Ben-Menachem
Design leader, puzzle solver, idea shepherd, researcher, writer, storyteller, mentor, dataviz geek, foodie, film buff, gamer, spouse, dad, aspiring rally driver
Go to the profile of Patrick Faller
Patrick Faller
🦸‍♂️ Writer, journalist, & advocate for the global creative community 🦄 Founder & LGBTQ+ entrepreneur of PF Media 👾 Tech, design, video games, music.
Go to the profile of Mike Dick
Mike Dick
Design Systems at SurveyMonkey, Twitch, Quora, Amazon. Built nvite (acquired by Eventbrite) and Cage app (acquired by BitConfused)
Go to the profile of Dragos Vuia
Dragos Vuia
UX Specialist & World Traveller | Former UX Designer at the City of Vancouver | Worked on Mobile UX for Walmart, Costco, Target, AutoTrader and Soluto.
Go to the profile of Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge
As Principal Design Technologist in Alexa Voice Shopping at Amazon, I design and build prototypes that define the future of voice and multi-model shopping.
Go to the profile of Raphael Hodé
Raphael Hodé
Strategic Designer and Founder sharing thoughts on design, strategy, and sustainability.
Go to the profile of Quinn Keast
Quinn Keast
UX Designer and Partner at Caribou. https://caribou.co
Go to the profile of leesean
Design Educator and Content Creator. Cofounder of Foossa, Director of Design Content and Learning at AIGA, and PT Faculty at Parsons School of Design and SVA.
Go to the profile of Michael J. Fordham
Michael J. Fordham
Software engineer interested in the future of innovative UX. I mainly write about design, development, data and AI. www.michaeljfordham.com
Go to the profile of Amber Case
Amber Case
Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology. Former Research Fellow at MIT Media Lab and Harvard BKC.
Go to the profile of Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper
Ancestry Thinker, Software Alchemist, Regenerative Rancher
Go to the profile of Rafał Warniełło
Rafał Warniełło
I'm a Senior Product Designer with over 4 years of professional experience in UX/UI Design.
Go to the profile of Sarita Parikh
Sarita Parikh
Technology for the common good.
Go to the profile of Matthew Godfrey
Matthew Godfrey
Head of Product Design
Go to the profile of Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor
Design leader. Recovering software engineer. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. She/her pronouns.
Go to the profile of Lucy Todd
Lucy Todd
Chief Process Officer @ Killer Visual Strategies. Writer at The Visual Marketer medium.com/the-visual-marketer
Go to the profile of M. Barton Renner
M. Barton Renner
Experience Design | Interaction Design | Design Strategy
Go to the profile of Esther Blankenship
Go to the profile of Sam Stuckless
Sam Stuckless
Sam Stuckless is a user experience designer based in Kitchener, Ontario.
Go to the profile of Kinneret Yifrah
Kinneret Yifrah
Microcopy expert and UX writer. Author of “Microcopy: The Complete Guide” — the book and the digital course (Udemy). Helps UX pros to make users’ lives easier
Go to the profile of Braxton Perry
Braxton Perry
passionate software engineer and technologist. https://braxtonperry.com
Go to the profile of Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy
Product leader @ Buildertrend. Former dev->designer->PM @ Hudl. I help people connect passion to a clear product strategy! 🏌️‍ 👐🏻 http://nebraskaux.com
Go to the profile of Luciano Vizza
Luciano Vizza
Senior Product Designer at TurboTenant. Likes good food and a finely crafted cup of coffee.
Go to the profile of Dorian Peters
Dorian Peters
Tech designer, researcher, author — design for wellbeing & ethical tech — Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge
Go to the profile of Gal Ringel
Gal Ringel
CEO and co-founder at Mine (https://www.saymine.com). A technology geek, an entrepreneur by heart and an ex-VC investor. Forbes 30 under 30.
Go to the profile of Lisa Jamhoury
Lisa Jamhoury
Artist & researcher working with computation and the body • Teaching @ITP_NYU • Formerly Machine Intel @Adobe Design and Digital Lead @BlueChalkMedia
Go to the profile of Alicia Cressall
Alicia Cressall
A designer writing about design and maybe some other things. Senior Growth Designer at Parabol
Go to the profile of Dmitri Atrash
Dmitri Atrash
I’m a former U.S. Naval Aviator turned user experience and product designer. I help businesses connect with their users through engaging digital experiences.
Go to the profile of Heidi Marshman
Heidi Marshman
I write about designing spaces and experiences for your mind, entrepreneurship, brain health and performance (and occassionally other things!…)
Go to the profile of Jessica Richards
Jessica Richards
Product & UX Consultant. Founder of Creative Product Consulting. Feminist. World traveller. Empathy & cats.
Go to the profile of Geoffrey Bunting
Geoffrey Bunting
Designer, writer, and historian. Founder of Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design (geoffreybunting.co.uk).
Go to the profile of Justin Daab
Justin Daab
Innovator. Design Thinker. Composer. Tinkerer.
Go to the profile of MC Mooney
MC Mooney
Brand strategist and namer of things. Urban essayist and observer of things. Boston based. Midwest bred.
Go to the profile of Josh Miles
Josh Miles
President & Chief Creative Officer at Killer Visual Strategies | Contributor to The Visual Marketer | killervisualstrategies.com
Go to the profile of Jonny Gibson
Jonny Gibson
Thoughts on design, psychology and typography. Often at the same time.
Go to the profile of Ryan Nehring
Ryan Nehring
I’m a Developer, Activist, Husband & Father. Romani-American. On Twitter @Ryan_Nehring or at nehring.ryan@gmail.com. Top writer in Politics, Design & Tech.
Go to the profile of Ashley Wali
Ashley Wali
Inspired by @adilwali, our 2 boys, & the beauty of the PNW. Passionate about gender equality, travel, & weekends at home.
Go to the profile of Jeffrey Storey
Jeffrey Storey
Jeffrey Storey is a Product professional interested in tech, business, UX, optimization, analytics, SEO, history, nature, birding, slack-key guitar and soccer.
Go to the profile of Danny Sapio
Danny Sapio
Product Designer • Building FramerOverrides.com & FramerAuth.com
Go to the profile of Linnéa Strid
Linnéa Strid
Product Designer
Go to the profile of Kris Paries
Kris Paries
Microsoft Design, Disney Enthusiast, Proud Papa
Go to the profile of Nick Hilton
Nick Hilton
Writer. Media entrepreneur. London. Interested in technology and the media. Co-founder podotpods.com Email: nick@podotpods.com.
Go to the profile of Maya Hampton
Maya Hampton
Digital professional, creative life. Product manager for design systems at REI.
Go to the profile of Jay Erickson
Jay Erickson
innovator | leader | servant | musician | poet | carpenter | cancer survivor | gardener | troublemaker | trouble fixer | beekeeper | husband | father
Go to the profile of Lexx Valdez
Lexx Valdez
👁 Xicana Creative Strategist • she/her 🌀 idea2form.com 🎨 Instagram.com/lexx_valdez 🌵 Los Angeles, CA 💌 lexx@idea2form.com
Go to the profile of Michael McWatters
Michael McWatters
VP, Product Design at Max | HBO Max. Formerly TED. Better after a nap.
Go to the profile of Todd Brison
Todd Brison
On a quest to learn what makes great writing. Join me: https://www.toddbrison.com/
Go to the profile of David Portelli
David Portelli
Product Designer and practicing writer
Go to the profile of Lex Roman
Lex Roman
Empowering creatives to book more work with less effort. Former Growth Designer. Learn how to book clients at read.lowenergyleads.com
Go to the profile of Soren Hamby
Soren Hamby
Senior Manager of UX and Digital Design // they/them // changing the world via inclusive + diverse design // a11y and DEI // views are mine
Go to the profile of Lina Bodestad
Lina Bodestad
UX psychologist. Writer. Avid drinker of oat milk lattes. lina.bodestad@layer10.se
Go to the profile of Aurélia Lacombe
Aurélia Lacombe
Designer — writing about UX and new methodologies
Go to the profile of Abigail Stock
Abigail Stock
VP of Digital Strategy & Marketing at Modus (modusagency.com)
Go to the profile of UX Movement
UX Movement
There’s a good and bad way to design user interfaces. Our publication shows you which way gives the best user experience. https://uxmovement.substack.com
Go to the profile of Erin McCoy
Erin McCoy
Editor @ medium.com/the-visual-marketer | Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations @ Killer Visual Strategies killervisualstrategies.com
Go to the profile of Leon Wu
Leon Wu
Neurotic millennial writer. Culture/Entertainment/Tech. leonwu2705@yahoo.com.au
Go to the profile of Jasmine Christensen
Jasmine Christensen
Senior Design Executive, Dabbler in Writing, Champagne Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Jen Clinehens
Jen Clinehens
ChoiceHackingIdeas.com // Brands win when they know what makes buyers tick (behavioral science, psychology, AI)
Go to the profile of Kaejon Misuraca
Kaejon Misuraca
Brand Strategist & Identity Designer | https://kaejon.com/
Go to the profile of Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson
Product Designer @Square and digital design lead with @findgoodmeasure
Go to the profile of Vivianne Castillo
Vivianne Castillo
UX Researcher. Humanity in Tech Advocate-Warrior. Founder of HmntyCntrd (www.hmntycntrd.com). Choosing courage over comfort.
Go to the profile of Artemis Ward
Artemis Ward
A global digital-first agency partnering with brands to shape what happens next. • artemisward.com
Go to the profile of Caitlin R. Weiner
Caitlin R. Weiner
Content Creator, Storyteller, Coffee Enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Andrew Couldwell
Andrew Couldwell
Web designer & developer • Portfolio at: roomfive.net and andrewcouldwell.com
Go to the profile of Omar Rabbolini
Omar Rabbolini
Writing about life, technology, software engineering practice and startups | Website: https://drilbu.com
Go to the profile of Catherine McNally
Catherine McNally
Creator, writer, artist. 🎨 I write about sustainable productivity, rest, and clawing your way out of burnout.
Go to the profile of Jack Dixon
Jack Dixon
Creative Director at Ceros
Go to the profile of Abhishek Umrao
Abhishek Umrao
I am a Product Designer & an occasional trekker, who loves playing and watching football // Gaming // Technology // Cars // Travel // More at abhishekumrao.com
Go to the profile of Joe Honton
Joe Honton
Princeps geographus, Read Write Tools
Go to the profile of Dheeraj Nanduri
Dheeraj Nanduri
Observer by habit, Designer by nature. I write on products, advertising, marketing and the design philosophies behind them.
Go to the profile of Albert Shum
Albert Shum
CVP of Design at Microsoft. Leads a collaborative team creating the future of cross-platform experiences across work, life, and school. Views are my own.
Go to the profile of Dan Shilov
Dan Shilov
Designer and author of Land Your Dream Design Job (dreamjob.design) a guide for UX Designers to find their next role.
Go to the profile of William Probus
William Probus
Writer, Creative Director, & Brand Identity Specialist. Currently: Senior Designer at Augusta National Golf Club | WilliamProbus.com
Go to the profile of Jeff Davidson
Jeff Davidson
I help companies convert and retain more users · Get free design + strategy lessons on my site: http://jeffdavidsondesign.com/
Go to the profile of Amber Sawaya
Amber Sawaya
Design Agency Partner • 40 Under 40; I write about design/UX, the state of design and tech, startups, joy, & productivity. 🖤☕️📓👩🏼‍💻🏴‍☠️ ambersawaya.com
Go to the profile of Jeff Jimerson
Jeff Jimerson
Principal and Creative Director at Madison Ave. Collective
Go to the profile of Kate Elizabeth Catalinac
Go to the profile of Ava DeVoe
Ava DeVoe
I am a design leader with a proven track record for mentoring design teams that ship great experiences.
Go to the profile of Ethan Eismann
Ethan Eismann
Design and product leader. Father of two. Amateur ceramicist and beekeeper. VP of Design at Slack. @eeismann / ethaneismann.com
Go to the profile of Adrian Zumbrunnen
Adrian Zumbrunnen
Human Interface Designer at Apple • Opinions are my own
Go to the profile of Jules Cheung
Jules Cheung
Product Designer 🎨✍️ I write about design and random musings. whyjules.com
Go to the profile of Just Mad
Just Mad
We’re a business-driven design consultancy. We use workshops to unleash innovation & growth potential. Remotely & on-site. Hi!
Go to the profile of Sean Dexter
Sean Dexter
Sr Product Designer @ Meta. Prev: HubSpot & Cigna. I write about UX, agile, & product. Not speaking for any employer/s. linkedin.com/in/seandexter1/
Go to the profile of Jamie Carr
Jamie Carr
👨‍💻 Senior Software Engineer @ mmhmm
Go to the profile of Buzz Usborne
Buzz Usborne
Design Coach & Principal Designer. Sweary English dad, just trying to be useful 🫠🦀
Go to the profile of Kelli Borgonia
Kelli Borgonia
Product Owner of AirshipCMS.io, UX Designer, Information Architect, Developer Team Lead, and Illustrator.
Go to the profile of Will 철민 Scharlott
Will 철민 Scharlott
철민 • willscharlott.com
Go to the profile of Olivia Brown
Go to the profile of Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
CEO of Gado Images | Content Consultant | Covers tech, food, AI & photography | http://bayareatelegraph.com & http://nofrillsinfluencer.com | tom@gadoimages.com
Go to the profile of Nat
Software developer. Occasional blogger.
Go to the profile of Shannel Wheeler
Shannel Wheeler
Left-brain creative | Brand/Design Implementation | Design Instruction and Inspiration | Creating with Purpose: https://shannelwheeler.com
Go to the profile of Emma Linh
Emma Linh
Branding & Design — Portfolio: emmalinh.com — Blog: thedesignloupe.com — Social: @emmalinhstark
Go to the profile of Sara Wachter-Boettcher
Sara Wachter-Boettcher
I help folks in tech and design build sustainable careers and healthy teams. Author @wwnorton @abookapart @rosenfeldmedia. More at www.activevoicehq.com.
Go to the profile of Stephanie Embry
Go to the profile of indi.ca
Indrajit (Indi) Samarajiva is a Sri Lankan writer. Follow me at www.indi.ca, or just email me at indi@indi.ca.