7 Rules for Making Your Idea a Reality

Your ideas aren’t doing any good if they’re stuck inside your head

Todd Brison


Photo: Mengwen Cao/Getty Images

First, let’s address this harsh truth: Your idea is probably not as good as you think it is.

This is not an insult to your intelligence. It is an observation of the creative’s mindset. We adore our ideas. We care for them. We dwell on them. We obsess over them. We know this one idea will change our life forever.

However, the longer you build the idea perfectly in your head, the more ignorant you become to your naivete. That’s because an idea in the real world looks infinitely less sexy than it does in your perfect brain. You can understand the fear: Why risk failure when you can sit in imaginary perfection?

A friend once told me of the novel he wanted to write. I asked why he hadn’t started yet.

“I don’t want to corrupt the purity of this story by rushing it out.”

Sounds reasonable, right? Except he told me that eight years ago. He still has not written chapter one.

I hate when internet people say “just start!” We both know it isn’t that simple.

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